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      Add.: 52 Hanjiang Road ,New Hi-Tech District

      Enterprise vision

      Become a global leader of automobile bearings company

      Guangyang mission

      Provide quality products and service to customers, create economic benefits for shareholders, provide career development for employees, create prosperity for society, and create value for suppliers and partners

      Core values

      People-oriented, teamwork, employee satisfaction, customer first, the pursuit of excellence and common development

      Management idea

      Customer first, and rapid response

      Management concept

      Administrate the corporate with culture, manage the employees through system, and run stuffs by procedures

      Quality concept

      Quality is life, quality is the character

      Guangyang spirit

      Responsibility above all, and achievement comes from hard work

      Customer concept

      Rooted in the industry, and develop through customers

      Employment Concept

      Character first, and give full scope to the talents

      Employing principle

      Fair, justice, and open