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      Stock code:002708


      Contact Us

      Add.: 52 Hanjiang Road ,New Hi-Tech District


      CHANGZHOU NRB CORPORATION has two provincial level engineering centers, namely, the Jiangsu Needle Roller Bearing Engineering Research Center and the Indentified Company Technology Center in Jiangsu Province. The testing center in our company has obtained the ISO/IEC17025 certification of the National Accreditation Laboratory. Its testing capability has gained International mutual accreditation. During the 11th Five-year Period, the key development goals of our company were science and technological innovation, product upgrading and technical renovation. We invested heavily in the R&D of science and technology projects, actively cooperated with famous domestic universities and R&D institutions and made major science and technological achievements. We also obtained many independent intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, we fostered a team of technicians with both ability and integrity by R&D activities, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company. Changzhou Guangyang Bearing Co., Ltd. is a Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Plan, a High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, an Innovative Enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a Private Science and Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

      We have various kinds of high precision instruments:

    1. universal projector
    2. metallurgical microscope
    3. fixed direct-reading spectrometer
    4. precise coordinate measuring machine
    5. surface roughness measuring instrument
    6. geometrical tolerance measuring instrument
    7. roundness measuring instrument
    8. bearing life tester
    9. bearing performance tester

      We have perfect high-performance laboratories

    10. bearing life laboratory
    11. mechanical property laboratory
    12. bearing oily analysis room
    13. measuring room
    14. precision testing room
    15. physical and chemical analysis room

      Establishment of systems

      Obtained the ISO/ TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System Certificate and certified by the VDA6.1 Quality Management System

      Testing and experiments

      The NRB Testing Center has certified by the ISO/IEC17025 National Accreditation Laboratory and obtained the Certificate for Measurement Assurance in Jiangsu Province.

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